How is ClarEssentials different than band camp? 

ClarEssentials is “all clarinet, all the time.” Our focus is on improving clarinet fundamentals and developing chamber music skills, neither of which is the typical focus of band camp.  Our faculty and staff are trained specifically in clarinet performance, and our curriculum is geared to help students gain information that they will continue to use in years to come.

Why is ClarEssentials more expensive than band camps?  

In band camps, students primarily play in the large group for a majority of the camp.  The band camp is usually geared to large ensemble instruction that has inherently lower staff costs.  

Conversely, our camp depends heavily on highly trained, educated, and specialized instruction, including that of UNT clarinet professors.  Warm up classes will have a maximum of ten students in a class; chamber music instruction will have a maximum of four students in each class; students perform individually for masterclasses, much like a 15 minute private lesson.  A good analogy is to compare our workshop to private instruction/lessons.  If you imagine that our workshop is akin to four days of private and group lessons, then imagine the expense of just one private lesson per week, the need for our higher overhead cost is more understandable.  It's simply a different, more personal, and more individualized experience than a band camp offers.

Is ClarEssentials a residential camp only, or may I commute every day?

ClarEssentials is both a residential camp and a commuter camp.  If you live close enough to drive to campus daily, you are welcome to commute, and we offer commuter meal plans if you wish to eat in the cafeteria with other participants.  If you live farther away, you may choose to live on campus for the duration of the workshop.  


Which is the closest airport? 

Dallas-Fort Worth International (35min by car) and Dallas Love Field (55min).

Is there public transportation from the DFW to Denton?

Yes, please click here for more information.

Is there a bus shuttle service on campus?

Yes, please click here for more information.


May I park my car on campus?

Yes--in the parking lot right  next to Bruce Hall. On registration day, you may park in the “R” parking spaces right next to BruceHall or the parking spaces right in front of Bruce.  Please don’t park in other places as campus police will ticket cars parked illegally.

If you will be commuting and will drive yourself to campus daily or will leave your car on campus while you stay, you will need a parking permit. 

Where do I obtain a parking permit?

Let us know in advance, and we will have it for you at check in.  You may also purchase one at the front desk of Bruce Hall during the dorm check-in.

How much is a parking pass?

A one-time $6 fee. 


In case of an emergancy, who do I contact? 

A list of counselors' names and phone numbers will be sent to you.

Where is the nearest hospital? 

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton, 3000 North I-35, Denton, TX 76201,  940-898-7000

Will there be close supervision of my child's medications?

Student will generally self-supervise their medications.  If you need adult supervision for their medication, we will arrange for counselors to be in charge.  Please notify us clearly if this is the case.


Where do students reside on campus? 

ClarEssentials participants will reside in Bruce Hall, located at Ave. C and Highland Ave.  Females are assigned to one floor; males are assigned to rooms on a different floor.  Rooms are basic with two beds to a room. Community bathrooms are located on the hall.

Where do students eat their meals? 

All meals will be served in the Bruce Hall cafeteria and supervised by assigned staff members.  Due to the summer schedule, selection may be somewhat limited, but food service has assured us that all meals will be sufficiently varied and plentiful.  Parents and students seeking considerations for special diets and/or food allergies should contact Peter Balabuch, Cafeteria Operations Director (940-565-2962).  Dormitory residents are provided Wednesday lunch and dinner, Thursday and Friday breakfast, lunch, and dinner and Saturday breakfast and lunch.

What meals does the commuter meal plan include?  

The commuter meal plan includes lunch and dinner Wednesday through Friday and lunch only on Saturday.

Should students bring bedding for the dormitory?

Campers should bring a sleeping bag or twin sheets/linens, a pillow, towels, alarm clock, and any personal toiletries. Also please remember to bring all “personal” medications to camp.

Is the dorm room air-conditioned?


Is there a curfew?

Yes, "lights off" is at 11:00 pm.

Will students be supervised in the dormitory?

Chaperones will be present at a minimum ratio of one adult for every ten campers. When not in clinics or instruction, students will be supervised by counselors --including through the nighttime hours.

Is there wireless internet access?

Yes, for a one-time $6 fee for the duration of the workshop.

May I arrange for my student to arrive on the Tuesday evening before the workshop begins? 

Yes, early arrival is possible with a small fee to cover the room, breakfast Wednesday, and supervision through the evening.

May my student check out of the dorm early? 

Students may check out of the dorm anytime on Saturday, July 1.  However, typically students return to the dorms immediately following the post-concert reception to check out.


What clothes should my student pack for the workshop?

Casual summer camp clothes are fine, and shorts are permitted.  As stated, if your student will perform in the student recital, please bring appropriate performance dress. (“Sunday best.”) For the final concert dress, please bring black pants or jeans or khaki style slacks to wear with the camp t-shirt. 

The air conditioning can cause rooms temperature to be cool, so your child may want to bring a sweater or jacket for comfort.


What are the counselors' responsibilities? 

Counselors will be on staff throughout the day and will reside in the dormitory over night. They will coordinate fun activities aside from the daily musical schedule. Our counselors are UNT clarinetists who are trained and advised to manage almost any situation that may arise per UNT Risk Management protocol.

Other Workshop Details

When is registration?

Registration is from 8:30 to 9:45 in the BRUCE HALL LOBBY - NOT THE MUSIC BUILDING.  

Students will check in and leave their belongings in their assigned room before going to the Music Building for the day’s events.

Again, you may park in the R marked spaces next to Bruce Hall for registration and pick up at the end of the workshop.

Will my child need extra money for the workshop?

Workshop tuition includes all music materials and activities. There are no additional expenses for the workshop.  However, we will host Williamson/Music First, and they will have equipment and supplies for sale, so your student may wish to bring spending money for this.  Additionally, they may want spending money if they wish to visit our student union and/or purchase some UNT souvenirs.


There will be two masterclasses as part of the workshop curriculum.  Please let us know if you are interested in participating in a masterclass.  We will choose masterclass participants on the basis of recordings submitted.

Student Recital

We will feature a student participant recital on Thursday night, June 29 at 7:30.  We encourage interested students to participate! We will provide accompanist and arrange one rehearsal session prior to the concert.  If you are interested in performing on this concert, please let us know what solo you will be performing no later than Wednesday, June 14, 2017. 

Don’t forget to bring your solo music with you to the workshop (along with the piano score), and if you are performing in the student recital, please bring appropriate dress to wear for your performance.  (Wear what you would wear to perform for Solo and Ensemble festival.)

In the event of excessive demand to play, we reserve the right to limit the number of students participating in order to keep the program length reasonable.  In case this is necessary, we will choose student participants based upon the recorded materials submitted.

Evening Activities

All commuters are encouraged (even expected!) to attend the evening recitals and are welcome to attend the ice cream socials following.  Parents and guests are also most welcome to attend all recitals.

Packing List

  • Regular twin-sized linens (sheets, pillows, blanket)
  • Towel/washcloth
  • Alarm
  • Clothing/Shoes
  • Dress for Student Recital, if you will perform
  • Dress for Saturday finale concert (Black jeans or khaki-style pants.  Workshop t-shirt will be provided)
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc.)
  • Personal medications as needed and/or required
  • Solo sheet music for student recital and/or masterclasses (if you wish to perform.)
  • Piano score if performing in student recital.
  • Clarinet
  • An adequate reed supply
  • Other clarinet supplies and equipment

Contact us with any additional questions or concerns: